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Membeli daftar direktori Anda untuk $ 45 dan menerima daftar atas dan 1.000 pengunjung ke website Anda.
Anda Earn $ 56,25 yang 125% atas pembelian Anda. Termasuk keuntungan dari bisnis iklan & pembelian iklan banner.
Semua keuntungan pembelian iklan dibagi dengan semua anggota - 100% dibayarkan kepada anggota.
Re-Pembelian atau pembelian saham tambahan yang tersedia - BUMP daftar Anda ke bagian atas direktori.
Setiap pembelian kembali juga menyediakan tambahan 1.000 pengunjung.
Sebuah halaman direktori menyediakan anggota untuk daftar kesempatan Anda dan iklan banner.
Klik 10 iklan per hari untuk memenuhi syarat untuk penghasilan.
Komisi Referral 10%.
Pay It Forward fitur
Payza, STP & Liberty Reserve diterima.
Step untuk daftar Adhitprofits : 1. klik link sponsor anda .2. klik button sign up , isi data ( sebaiknya sesuai ktp )3. klik register me , lalu cek email anda dan klik link verifikasi dr email.dan anda sudah berhasil menjadi member. Perhatikan gambar berikut ini

Cara deposit :1. klik " upgrade atau button Purchase/Bump Listing

2. ikutin langkah-langkah investasi sesuai gambar berikut ini

Iklan :1. Klik view ads disambung menu Dashboard .
2. klik gambar orang untuk melihat iklan , 1 iklan sekitar 15-30 detik .lihat contoh ini :

AdHitProfits Additional Features & Revenue Streams:

  • Directory listing & Website Traffic – $45
  • Bump listing – $45
  • Solo ad service (sold separately) – $29
  • 125×125 Banner ads (sold separately) - $10 for one week
  • 720×90 Banner ads (sold separately) – $25 for one week
Solo ads and banner ads sold separately. Purchasing a directory listing is the only way to purchase revenue shares and website traffic. With more sales revenue than shares being purchased, this provides you a stable and long term revenue share as these services are in high demand in today’s market. The revenue to share ratio remains in a good position as you share in the purchase of ALL services.

The following points are quoted from the AdHitProfits website that would give you a very good idea about AdHitProfits approach and why this will be a long term paid to advertise program.

AdHitProfits Concept

  • Make MONEY FAST so they will tell others. (DONE)
  • Pay out 100% of the profit from the site and “ADMIN PROFITS” (DONE)
  • Make it completely legal so it can last for years. (DONE)
  • List YOUR product/service so you can make even more money. (DONE)
  • Get Proven Buyers to YOUR Website (DONE)
  • Pay members from the profits NOT from other members join fees! (Legal)
  • Pay members ALL the profit from the site NOT just what they make. (Smart)
  • Pay ALL the members NOT just pay a few members Millions. (Fair)
  • That’s the best part about AD HIT PROFITS!
  • It’s all in our hands, ALL members can make BIG BUCKS every hour 24/7/365
  • Big advertisers place huge ADS members can SPLIT Tens of Thousands!
  • Fact: Big advertisers spend hundreds of thousands! We Split!
AdHitProfits No Sponsoring to be paid but HUGE bonus for those who do

AdHitProfits 5 Steps to Start Earning

  1. Create a membership account.
  2. Run an AD for any service, product or program.
  3. Click 10 Ads Each Day (The Only “WORK”)
  4. Start sharing your referral link. (If You Want)
  5. Watch your BALANCE INCREASE.


We know Charles from his other two programs and he is a very ethical and above board business administrator (not a newbie) with good experience in various types of paid to advertise and surf programs. AdHitProfits is a unique and innovative program combining multiple revenue streams into one program where ALL members earn 100% from the profits. To earn daily members will need to visit the site daily to surf the 10 sites required – generating the traffic and getting the eyeballs to the adverts being placed.
The site is well designed and the promotional material fresh. Charles also from experience implemented good member profiles and security to makes sure the back office continues to run smooth like both other programs UltimatePowerBoost and BanRev. We’ll definitely be purchasing some solo & additional banner ads to promote on this traffic source.
New Feature on Payments!
If you purchase with LR, you can withdraw with Payza or STP! If you purchased with Payza, you can Withdraw with STP, or vice versa. If you purchase with STP or Payza, please do not withdraw with LibertyReserve.

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